Every day we hear about new symptoms of our fracturing systems in the wake of COVID-19. Despite the challenges we face, there are awe-inspiring opportunities to create a new course.  
We are a society in transition. Whave the opportunity to change the trajectory towards the future that we want. COVID-19 is fracturing the status quo—igniting a flurry of niche level activity that contains the seeds of a paradigm shift towards a better, more equitable future. The question before us is how can we move together towards a sustainable vision? 
It will take all of us working together towards a common goalbusiness, government, and civil society.  

Join us to contribute to scalable solutions and develop a framework for the future.

How it Works

PYXERA Global is designing a series of Challenges in collaboration with Anchor Partners.
These partners are organizations in the social or public sectors, whose missions possess significant ability to impact a social, economic, or environmental system across the country or throughout the world.  
Over the course of one month, several cross-corporate teams of employees will compete to bring the most innovative solution to an Anchor Partner. Employees from participating companies will collaborate virtually to apply their business acumen to a systemic issue facing this partner in the time of COVID-19. 
Pose Complex Challenge
Anchor Partner poses a complex challenge or systemic issue. 
Ideate Solutions
Teams of employees collaborate to develop an innovative solution.
Select Winning Idea
A panel of distinguished judges selects the winning idea.
Execute the Solution
The Anchor Partner receives this plan and seed funding to accelerate the solution.  

The Challenges

New Challenges are in development and will be added as they are confirmed.
Reimagine Community Health Systems

Community Health Systems

Community Health Centers provide services to 30 million Americans who otherwise would not have access—providing comprehensive care regardless of age, income, or insurance status. The COVID-19 crisis has quickly revealed how the absence of strong digital health systems severely limits the ability of centers
How might we reimagine telemedicine strategies to better serve our communities?
Reimagine New York Citys Economy

New York City’s Economy

PYXERA Global is partnering with Anchor Partners in cities around the US. This Challenge focuses on the economic recovery of New York City. With estimates of up to a half-million lost jobs and nearly $10 billion reduction in tax revenue looming, New York City faces its most serious economic crisis in decades.
How might the transition to a Circular Economy create a better and more resilient future for NYC?

Green(er) Solutions to Hunger

COVID-19 has exposed the fragility of food systems worldwide and the need to reimagine the food value chain for greater resilience. Food banking plays a critical role in strengthening systems at the community level. In this Challenge, cross-corporate teams of employees will contribute to the “greening” of food banks.
 How might food banks and their networks reduce their environmental footprint while increasing service delivery to serve food insecure communities?

Create your own Challenge

Co-create a Challenge designed around social issues material to your organization.

Our Partners

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As a corporate partner in the Reimagine Series, you will contribute to scalable solutions and the development of  a framework for the future.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Are the Reimagine Series Challenges virtual?

Yes. All components of the Reimagine Series Challenges will take place virtually.

What is the focus of the Reimagine Series?

The Reimagine Series addresses the limitations in our systems that COVID-19 has brought into sharp relief in areas such as healthcare delivery, small business recovery, the environment, economic inequality, and more. The focus of each Challenge varies and is designed in collaboration with Anchor Partners, leading organizations in the social space who pose the Challenge. PYXERA Global can also work with sponsoring companies to develop a Challenge that is aligned to a social impact strategy, the skills and talents of corporate employees, or the needs of an existing NGO partner.

What is the structure of a Challenge?

The Reimagine Series is designed to encourage the development of innovative, outside-the-box ideas to solve systemic challenges. Challenges are entirely virtual and take place over the course of six weeks, including a four-week Challenge period and two weeks of pre-work. During the Challenge period, teams of corporate employees participate in virtual Key Voices sessions to learn more about the Challenge from key stakeholders and the Anchor Partner. At the end of the Challenge Period, the proposed solutions are evaluated by a panel of distinguished judges and PYXERA Global works with the Anchor Partner to develop a strategy for implementation.

What is the team structure?

Each Challenge will have between three and six teams made up of three to six corporate employees each. Most Challenges are designed to engage several companies with teams comprised of members with a variety of skill sets from across the participating corporations. However, PYXERA Global can also work with your company to design a Challenge that is unique to your organization and engages only your employees.

What is the Challenge timeline?

Once the Anchor Partner and Lead Sponsor(s) are in place, a Challenge takes approximately four months from developing the Challenge Statement to the selection of the winning solution.

Why should my company consider joining a Challenge?
  • Social Impact: As a Challenge partner, your company will help organizations working to solve the most complex social issues today. By bringing the skills, expertise, and passions of your employees to a Challenge, you will help to enable cross-sector partnerships that are the key to unlocking innovative solutions for complex challenges.
  • Demonstrated corporate purpose and brand recognition during a crisis: Your brand will be recognized as a partner that is authentically contributing to solving complex challenges.
  • Enhancement of sustainability goals: Participating in a Challenge will help you meet your corporate sustainability and social responsibility goals, whether they focus on community relations, volunteer hours, or employee engagement.
  • Purpose-driven leadership and employee engagement: It is easy to feel helpless during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. Participating in a Challenge will enable your employees to use their skills and talent to create solutions to urgent issues, redirecting a sense of uncertainty into agency, action, and change in support of a culture of:
    • Increased sense of purpose
    • Greater productivity
    • Stronger employee morale
    • Learning, innovation, and virtual leadership
    • Retention post-COVID-19
    • Diversity and inclusion


What is a Lead Sponsor?

Lead Sponsors provide the resources for each Reimagine Series Challenge to be developed. They act as the corporate backbone for the program and have a higher level of visibility in Challenge communications.

Can my company participate outside of a Lead Sponsor role?

Yes! We have opportunities for companies to just provide employees to participate in a Challenge.

Can we choose Anchor Partners and/or corporate partners ourselves?

If you sign on as the Lead Sponsor, you will have the opportunity to propose an Anchor Partner yourself and to recommend additional corporate partners for the Challenge. Lead Sponsors who sign on after the Anchor Partner has been selected will be able to provide feedback on the Challenge Statement.

Can we adjust the structure of the Challenge based on our needs?

As a Lead Sponsor, we are happy to work with you to develop a Challenge structure that is appropriate to your company and organizational goals.

Who selects the participants?

Most participating companies oversee the recruitment and selection of their employees to participate in the Challenge. PYXERA Global is able to support participant selection as an additional service.

Do you provide recommendations on how to select participants?

PYXERA Global can provide guidance on the profile of employees well-suited to the Challenge along with recommendations for the process.

What is the time commitment for participants, including pre-Challenge assignments?

The two-week pre-work period will typically require two to three hours of participants’ time per week. During the four-week Challenge period, participants are asked to spend about five structured hours a week during business hours. Participants will likely work more on their own time, but that is not a requirement.