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To be successful in the marketplace it is increasingly important to have firsthand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities inherent to emerging and frontier markets. Providing pro bono support to organizations addressing community challenges is growing in popularity around the world as a means for corporations to build their future leadership, undertake frugal innovation, and create shared value in emerging geographies. PYXERA Global leverages the professional expertise of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds in global settings as a win-win approach that builds capacity at the local level while meeting the strategic goals of our partners.

With footholds and partnerships in place across the globe, PYXERA Global excels at managing experiences where participants are safe and secure, feel personally and professionally challenged, and are confident that their work will make a measurable contribution to enhancing lives and livelihoods around the globe.

  • Program Design

    Through an iterative and interactive process, we guide our corporate partners in developing International Corporate Volunteer programs uniquely tailored to meet their needs. Together, we identify optimal program duration, participant selection, project scope, and target geographies resulting in a robust pilot to ensure the program meets its intended objective and that it can be scaled in future years.

  • Local Client Identification

    Identifying the right host organizations, and developing realistic scopes of work that meet the needs of the local community, is a special PYXERA Global expertise. We identify potential local clients and work with them to develop projects that will meet specific operational or programmatic needs and which are appropriate to the expertise available from our corporate partners. Over the course of several weeks and through in-person meetings, we ensure that those needs can be realistically met, within the available time and resources.

  • Participant Selection

    Selecting program participants can be one of the most challenging components of developing a new international corporate volunteer program. Programs can be targeted at high performers, specific business units or the entire workforce. We will work alongside your team to develop the criteria that best meet your program objectives. Once standards have been established, we will coordinate throughout the entire process, from application to selection, ensuring that each team is diverse and appropriately skilled to meet the needs of the projects and providing participants with the opportunity to work closely with colleagues from different geographies and business units.

  • International Logistics

    Many of our partners choose to conduct their programs outside of their corporate travel norms. PYXERA Global is able to coordinate every aspect of international travel, arranging flights, facilitating visas and distributing per diems. PYXERA Global provides accommodations in the project location and arranges ground transportation and other support as needed.

  • Pre-Departure Training

    Once participants have been selected, pre-departure orientation and training sets the stage for a successful engagement from the moment they land. During this pre-work phase, we will develop tailored trainings that can include cultural adaptability, frugal innovation, effective social marketing and communication, appreciative inquiry consulting, teaming, and global leadership, along with essentials such as safety and security. Pre-departure training can be conducted virtually over an extended period of time, or during an intensive in-person retreat and continues through a session once the team is in-country and before the official launch of their projects. Diligent preparation ensures that corporate participants maximize their impact and meet client goals during the time they spend embedded.

  • Program Management

    When the team arrives, our unique program management style ensures success from the start. By pairing local expertise with our global team management approach, we ensure logistical support is flawlessly executed, even in the face of complicating factors.  In so doing, we are able to guide each team to maximum effectiveness, ensuring a positive result for participants, local partners, and clients, alike. For each team, we conduct an orientation that introduces the team to their local environment, develops the team dynamic and prepares them for successful projects. At the conclusion of their projects, we conduct a similar exercise that encourages participants to reflect on their experience and determine how they will engage their new skills when they return home.

  • Story Sharing

    A growing number of organizations and institutions are both giving and receiving pro bono support in unusual places. Many clients are increasingly eager to amplify impact their innovative approach in the target geographies where teams and individuals are placed. PYXERA Global provides a growing number of diverse solutions that can assist your organization in better telling its stories of impact through International Corporate Volunteerism.

  • Impact Assessment

    Once a program has been designed and individuals or teams deployed and returned, it is important to assess the impact on both the local organization and the participating employees. To do so, we create dynamic, tailored assessment tools to measure the impact that matters most to our clients.

  • Skills-Based Fellowships

    Local foundations, social enterprises, and even large multinationals seek the services of Advisors with MBAs or other technical pedigrees to improve their operations. These individuals serve in three to 12 month fellowships, during which they address specific needs of their host organization – from determining an appropriate growth strategy to restructuring financial management systems. MBAs Without Borders is PYXERA Global’s signature fellowship program, which for nearly a quarter century has embedded business talent in extended assignments in emerging and frontier markets around the world – often in environments that do not traditionally receive business support, such as public health institutions and grassroots social good organizations. Fellowships are an excellent means by which to meet in-kind grant and contract requirements, among other benefits.

Partner Benefits

  • Leadership

    Through global pro bono service, participants develop enhanced leadership capabilities that they carry with them back to their jobs and throughout their careers. By fostering their ability to operate in diverse teams and in challenging environments, International Corporate Volunteer programs prepare participants to be the leaders that the future of business demands.

  • Cultural Competency

    Global pro bono programs take participants out of their professional and personal comfort zones. Participants must quickly adapt to the business and cultural norms of their environment while performing at a high level. They must learn to read between the lines, assess body language and adapt to diverse styles of interaction.

  • Brand Recognition

    International Corporate Volunteer programs enable companies to “do well by doing good” and build authentic reputations for corporate social responsibility by engaging in communities in valuable and sustainable ways. They serve as a way to introduce an emerging geography to the core competencies that a company can bring to bear.

  • Social Value

    Traditional corporate social responsibility contributed to global development with dollars, Global Pro Bono contributes with expertise – transferring critical skills and knowledge to organizations to enrich lives and livelihoods. While both are beneficial, global pro bono develops relationships and capacity which tend to achieve more and to do so sustainably.

  • Talent Retention & Recruitment

    Employees today want to work for a company that is dedicated to making the world a better place and they want the opportunity to actively engage in that world. International Corporate Volunteer programs provide them with that opportunity while enhancing their skills and leadership.

  • Innovation and R&D

    International Corporate Volunteer programs provide employees with a “ground level” perspective of emerging markets that cannot be attained through a traditional business trip. By working with local organizations and becoming part of the communities they serve, employees gain an accelerated understanding of the real needs of the market, and with that insight, can better develop products and services to meet those needs.

  • Capacity Development

    International Corporate Volunteer programs provide opportunities for two-way capacity development – providing local clients with access to talent and expertise that is often unattainable on the local market and enabling corporate employees the opportunity to stretch and expand their professional skills, while simultaneously creating new champions for global development.

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    International Corporate Volunteer programs offer companies an opportunity to further develop relationships with key stakeholders in emerging geographies.  Pro bono projects can be undertaken with organization with which companies have an existing relationship or can be designed to determine and create common ground.

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