Mark Overmann is an international affairs and diplomacy executive with 15 years of experience in the NGO, university, and federal consulting sectors. He excels at organizational strategy, strategic communications, and government relations (including extensive work with the U.S. Department of State and Congress). His key strengths include managing complexity, operational excellence, and compliance.

Mark is currently a Senior Manager at Accenture Federal Services where he supports global health and diplomacy programs for a variety of U.S. federal government clients. His previous positions include Vice President of External Affairs at InterExchange, Deputy Director of the Alliance for International Exchange, Director of College Communications at Georgetown University, and Program Associate for Communications at Global Ties U.S.

Mark has a BA in English from the University of Notre Dame and an MA in International Communication from American University's School of International Service. He is co-author with Sherry Mueller of Working World: Careers in International Education, Exchange, and Development (Georgetown University Press, 2008, 2014).

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