Shakti Saran is a Senior Fellow with PYXERA Global based in Mumbai, India. He is a thought leader on creating shared value between the private, social, and public sectors and a subject matter expert on financial inclusion and financial literacy. He is responsible for incubating a Center for Citizen Diplomacy in India and advising internal teams across the globe on scoping inclusive finance in various offerings. Additionally, he has responsibility for coordinating and managing pro bono consulting teams.

Prior to PYXERA Global, Shakti worked with the corporate sector for over three decades, the latter half of which was spent at IBM from where he emerged as a Corporate Service Corps (CSC) alum. Since 2011 he has supported the V Care Foundation, a Mumbai-based cancer care NGO, and has been inducted onto its Board of Trustees. His smooth crossover to the impact sector took place after attending the inaugural cohort of the India Leaders for Social Sector (ILSS) program.

Shakti’s professional interests include international relations, cross-cultural exchanges, education, public health, financial inclusion & literacy, environment & sustainability, and impact investing & social innovation. He is always on the lookout for cross-fertilization of such themes to promote greater regional and global understanding, striving for a harmonious balance between economic progress and ecological security.

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