Zhen Chen is the China Program Lead for PYXERA Global, and has over 20 years of international business and project management experience. A native of Chengdu, Zhen headed the Chengdu Chamber Office of the European Chamber of Commerce in China for three years. She also played an active role in lobbying and networking for foreign-invested enterprises with the Chengdu municipal and Sichuan provincial government agencies. With a strong local network, she is familiar with local business communities, educational institutes, NGOs, and government entities. Her expertise extends to the growing role of CSR in major Chinese businesses and she now works to facilitate business cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies.

In 2015, Zhen coordinated a Global Pro Bono team for FedEx in Chengdu and assisted in the IBM CSC project in Qingdao. In 2016, she managed two SAP programs in Chengdu and Shanghai. Zhen has studied and worked in France and speaks fluent English, French, Mandarin, and Sichuanese. In 2017, she managed a 3M executive Global Pro Bono program in Shanghai and an SAP program in Dalian. Zhen is also coordinating an IBM CSC team in Hangzhou in October. In 2018, Zen spoke at a number of conferences in China, designed programs for more than three corporate clients, and implemented a number Global Pro Bono programs across China.



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