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How to Engage Your Employees through Virtual Pro Bono

Harnessing the power, passion, and expertise of your employees to strengthen social mission-driven organizations through Global Pro Bono doesn’t require that they travel across the world or even leave their home office. Employee engagement and talent development goals can be achieved through virtual models that engage a cross-section of your employees and provide real and lasting benefits to the host organizations.
At PYXERA Global we have 30 years of experience designing impactful pro bono engagements and in designing virtual and in-person Global Pro Bono programs for the world’s leading companies.

Virtual Pro Bono

Even when circumstances don’t allow for in-person engagements, PYXERA Global’s virtual models help maintain the momentum of your social impact initiatives, engage your employees, and enable them to live your corporate purpose. We will work with you to transition your current programming to virtual and build new or customized models to fit your company’s needs.


Virtual projects can be individual  or team-based, lasting from a couple of days to a few months.


Hybrid projects begin with a virtual pro bono engagement and conclude with an in-person collaboration at a later date. These are ideal for team-based and longer-term projects.


Teams work independently on a “Challenge” to create solutions for a complex problem posed by an anchor partner. A panel of judges selects the strongest option for implementation.
virtual clinics


Employees provide much needed coaching and mentorship to nonprofit leaders over the course of just a few hours. This model enables engaging a broad array of employees with diverse skillsets.


Utilizing technology and enabled-platform, employees select nonprofits in their own communities and develop their own pro bono engagement.

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How to Support the COVID-19 Response
through Virtual Pro Bono

We are working closely with organizations around the world to identify their needs and will work with you to design a program
that engages your employees’ talents to address them. General skills and experiences we have identified to be critical include:
Communications and Channel Management
Data Analytics
IT & Website Support
Supply Chain
Operations Management

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Other Ways to Engage Virtually

Moving to a sustainable business model is a critical component of many forward-thinking business strategies. In partnership with WholeWorks, PYXERA Global offers a completely virtual—but highly collaborative and global—leadership development program that focuses on providing your employees with the skills they need to successfully develop and implement sustainable business models.

During this 10-week immersive experience, your employees can participate from anywhere in the world. They will join a multi-stakeholder team—including leaders from private, public, and social sectors—and will be challenged to transform a conventional business into a sustainable enterprise simulated over a 20-year period.

The simulation learning is supported through self-study modules, expert facilitators, and support in developing a project in which graduates can immediately apply the principles learned within their work environments.

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Nonprofit board service is highly effective for companies seeking to advance leadership development, diversity and inclusion, innovation, and sustainability.

However, success depends on making the right board match for each candidate. PYXERA Global and our partner, Korngold Consulting, will work with you to match a cohort of your employees with nonprofit board service opportunities. Participating employees will receive training and personalized support to prepare them to serve, and be introduced to nonprofits aligned with their experience and career development path.

This year, more than ever, Global Days of Service offer an opportunity to keep your employees connected to their jobs, your company, and a sense of purpose. Transition your current programming to a virtual approach while continuing to progress towards your employee engagement goals. Engaging our global network of pro bono experts and nonprofits, PYXERA Global will work with you to facilitate a Global Day of Virtual Service that creates a meaningful experience for your employees around the world.

This step-by-step guide equips CSR Managers and employees to develop and execute a skills-based pro bono project locally or globally. Using a design thinking framework, the Toolkit helps individuals understand the needs of host organizations and will help to design meaningful service projects that deliver deeper impact.

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