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We leverage the unique strengths of corporations, governments, social sector organizations, educational institutions, and individuals to enhance the abilities of people and communities to solve complex problems and attain mutually beneficial goals. With a quarter century of experience in more than 90 countries, our team is passionate and dedicated to navigating challenges and pinpointing purposeful global engagement opportunities for our clients and partners.


To reinvent how public, private and social interests engage to solve global challenges.


A culture of sustained collaboration that improves lives and communities worldwide.

Who We Are

The PYXERA Global team is uniquely qualified to not only help clients envision new futures, but also has the on-the-ground experience and extensive networks to implement effective engagements.

How We Got Here

January 1, 1990
The Citizens Democracy Corps is established by President George H. W. Bush after the fall of the Berlin Wall to support countries of the former Soviet Union in transitioning to market economies.
September 1, 1990
The Corporate Assistance Program, an innovative program involving US corporations in the provision of pro bono technical assistance to enterprises and institutions in Eastern Europe is created.
July 25, 1991
The Citizens Volunteer Program launches in response to the enormous needs and requirements of assistance to the Former Soviet Union countries and to promote international understanding.
Citizens Democracy Corps launches its first Local Content Development program, linking local small and medium enterprises with contract opportunities to supply the rapidly expanding oil and gas industry in Russia.
The MBA Enterprise Corps officially becomes part of Citizen Democracy Corps, broadening the scope of services available in many foreign nations.
Citizens Democracy Corps changes its name to Citizens Development Corps, and expands worldwide.
Citizens Development Corps acquires MBAs Without Borders.
June 1, 2008
Citizens Development Corps and IBM pilot the IBM Corporate Service Corps, a landmark employee engagement program to accelerate global corporate leadership development through pro bono service in emerging markets.
Citizens Development Corps becomes CDC Development Solutions (CDS).
CDS joins with the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy, bolstering a shared commitment to person-to-person interactions that result in greater understanding between people and cultures.
October 7, 2013
CDS adopts the name PYXERA Global. The name PYXERA comes from the fusion of two words: pyxis, a Greek word for navigational device, and terra, Latin for earth.
November 2015
PYXERA Global celebrates its 25th anniversary by hosting the first ever Global Engagement Forum, a 3-day conference focused on how strategic partnerships can effectively address the Sustainable Development Goals.

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