How Technology Unlocks New Value from the Circular Economy

Ten years from now there will be no tolerance for waste in the value chain. Innovative technology can help companies lead the transition to an inclusive, circular economy faster and more efficiently. Many companies, such as Danone, H&M Group, and DS Smith are already leveraging these newer technologies to design waste and pollution out of their value chains while keeping products and materials in use to create positive economic, environmental, and societal impact. The recent COVID-19 crisis has only further exposed companies’ and countries’ risk of supply disruptions, leading to a ‘new normal’ where global supply chains with local execution is needed to boost resilience and reduce dependency by shortening and diversifying supply chains.

Tips to Engage Your Employees and Your Communities

Based on Pyxera Global’s 30 years of experience working with mission-driven organizations and through our partnerships with over 30 companies, we have developed best practices for companies seeking to support their employees’ continued community engagement in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

A Guidebook to Communicating with Global Pro Bono Program Stakeholders about COVID-19 Implications

All volunteer programs, from skills-based Global Pro Bono programs to traditional hands on engagements are experiencing significant changes to their plans as a result of COVID-19, with many programs postponed, canceled or shifted from in-person to virtual engagements. Informing program stakeholders—whether they are participating employees, host organizations, or other interested parties—about program changes and the long-term […]

Adapting to the Spread of COVID-19 through Community-Driven Approaches

Responding to the growing spread of the virus in India, the Joint Initiative for Village Advancement (JIVA), implemented by Pyxera Global in partnership with the John Deere Foundation, is working to strike a balance between the continued support to small holder farming communities and the safety of all program staff and community members.

Unlocking Opportunity in Rwanda with SAP

The spirit of Umuganda—a Kinyarwanda word roughly translated as ‘coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome’—is familiar to SAP, a global software company dedicated to helping the world run better and improving people’s lives. SAP brings that dedication to life in their products, their services, and their people, including the SAP Social Sabbatical for executive engagement, a program in which SAP executives from around the world work with social organizations on mission-critical projects that will improve and expand their support to underserved communities.

Design for Circular Economy in Fashion

As you grow and change in your life, so do your garments. You update the jeans as your fit or style changes and trade in the broken for an upgrade or repair. This is the future of fashion and design for circular economy.

India Retrospective

This retrospective draws from a long-term impact assessment carried out by Pyxera Global from 2015 to 2016. The assessment was designed to evaluate the impact of Global Pro Bono programs sponsored by 8 different corporations on local host institutions in 15 locations throughout India.