Social Awakening and Structural Racism in Latin America

Talking about race is complex and multi-layered, yet necessary. These conversations have forced their way onto the agenda in Latin America. The following is a candid conversation between Pyxera Global’s Latin America Regional Leads, Carolina Gowland, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Fernanda Scur, based in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Reducing Inequalities through Human Capital

Several of our corporate partners have come to us in recent months asking “what can we do?”

They want to know what they can do to help marginalized communities get access to the healthcare they need to fight COVID-19 (Learn more through our Reimagining Community Health Systems program). What they can do to address systemic racism and how they can mobilize their talent to address structural inequalities that destabilize marginalized communities in complex ways.

Global Voices Consider the Future of Pro Bono

To help celebrate Pro Bono Week 2020, PYXERA Global is bringing together our global colleagues to share key takeaways from the 2020 virtual Pro Bono Network’s Regional Summits held in Latin America and the Asia Pacific in partnership with the Global Pro Bono Network and the support of the BMW Foundation in Germany. Global Pro Bono in the Time […]

Pandemic Update: The Nonprofit Community’s Overlooked Sectors Need Help

As COVID-19 overburdens our systems, challenges education continuance, and drives up unemployment, the importance of social impact organizations in these sectors is thrown into sharp relief. However, in the rush to support these critical services for communities in need, one cannot ignore the vital work that organizations in other social impact sectors continue to drive forward. Environment, gender equality, human rights, sustainable agriculture, and arts organizations, among others, are challenged by COVID-19 as well—but they risk being overlooked amid the urgency to aid a few key sectors.

Paradigm Shift : Solutions Driving the Circular Transformation

Paradigm Shift brings together some of the most prominent voices in the circular space on what it will take for the global community to make the transition to circularity. This publication takes a systems–level view of the challenge and focuses on solutions—upstream, downstream, and across sectors—with critical takeaways that you can use to advance your circular economy mission.

Rayuwa: A Team Response to COVID-19 in Nigeria

Children look at figures on a chalkboard

Since the moment the novel coronavirus officially landed in Nigeria, the response from PYXERA Global’s Rayuwa program has been to ensure, as best we can, sustained program activities that build community resilience in a way that emphasizes the safety of the program’s staff and members of the community.

Unlocking Opportunity in Rwanda with SAP

The spirit of Umuganda—a Kinyarwanda word roughly translated as ‘coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome’—is familiar to SAP, a global software company dedicated to helping the world run better and improving people’s lives. SAP brings that dedication to life in their products, their services, and their people, including the SAP Social Sabbatical for executive engagement, a program in which SAP executives from around the world work with social organizations on mission-critical projects that will improve and expand their support to underserved communities.