Reimagining Community Health Systems Challenge to Deliver Telehealth to Underserved Areas Ends with Strategies for Expansion

Pyxera Global’s Reimagining Community Health Systems Challenge ended in September with U.S. Community Health Centers poised to play a stronger role in expanding telehealth services for 30 million low-income patients and plans created for forward-thinking remote patient monitoring systems in Iowa. That’s a long way from the Challenge’s kick off in early August, when Pyxera Global brought […]

The Future of Global Pro Bono

The world of corporate volunteering has many different flavors, with traditional volunteering & skills-based volunteering being the most well-known. A specialized kind of skills-based volunteering is the field of Global Pro Bono (GPB), which brings talented employees from the private sector to volunteer their skills & professional expertise to address key business challenges for social sector organizations.

Social Awakening and Structural Racism in Latin America

Talking about race is complex and multi-layered, yet necessary. These conversations have forced their way onto the agenda in Latin America. The following is a candid conversation between Pyxera Global’s Latin America Regional Leads, Carolina Gowland, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Fernanda Scur, based in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Driving Social Impact Through Software Redesign

Before COVID-19, Medtronic’s GIFs undertook projects in person, a key feature of the fellowship that encouraged relationship-building among the employees and the host organization. However, the pandemic forced Medtronic Foundation to pivot and create virtual opportunities instead. This NCD project demonstrated how effectively a remote team could function and continue to work with a partner organization with impactful results.

COVID-19 Interventions: Q&A with Jayanti Shukla, CEO of United Way Mumbai

As part of our on-going series capturing global voices on the impact of the COVID-19 Crisis, Shakti Saran, Pyxera Global’s Senior Fellow in Mumbai, caught up with Jayanti Shukla, the CEO of United Way Mumbai (UWM). For over 17 years, UWM has been a leader in cross-sector partnerships, providing more than $52 Million for community development projects. Under the leadership of Ms. Shukla, UWM has been a leader in rapidly responding to the dynamic needs of the COVID-19 Crisis.

Global Voices Consider the Future of Pro Bono

To help celebrate Pro Bono Week 2020, PYXERA Global is bringing together our global colleagues to share key takeaways from the 2020 virtual Pro Bono Network’s Regional Summits held in Latin America and the Asia Pacific in partnership with the Global Pro Bono Network and the support of the BMW Foundation in Germany. Global Pro Bono in the Time […]

Global Voices around COVID-19 and Beyond

Pyxera Global has united its Global Leads in a conversation to reflect on the challenges the world is facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. This first article brings together perspectives from team members in China, India, West Africa, and Latin America on the NGO sector’s response to the crisis and trends in reimagining corporate social initiatives. The following insights are drawn from conversations with our global staff and Pyxera Global’s survey of former Global Pro Bono host organizations.

Pandemic Update: The Nonprofit Community’s Overlooked Sectors Need Help

As COVID-19 overburdens our systems, challenges education continuance, and drives up unemployment, the importance of social impact organizations in these sectors is thrown into sharp relief. However, in the rush to support these critical services for communities in need, one cannot ignore the vital work that organizations in other social impact sectors continue to drive forward. Environment, gender equality, human rights, sustainable agriculture, and arts organizations, among others, are challenged by COVID-19 as well—but they risk being overlooked amid the urgency to aid a few key sectors.