Diversity & Inclusion

at PYXERA Global

We operate sustainably and act inclusively.

Diversity encompasses the various dimensions of our identities and experiences. Our diversity influences how we interact with one another and the world around us. Recognizing the power of our combined differences, inclusion is the sustained drive to actively embrace, support, and harness the strength of our diversity.
Much like the shifting ways in which we, together, strive to solve global challenges, diversity & inclusion (D&I) requires intentionality, agility, and collaboration. PYXERA Global’s sense of responsibility to D&I comes from within, helping us meet our mission, and yours.

PYXERA Global endeavors to practice and elevate D&I within and outside of our organization.

To carry out this mission, four core tenets guide us and our employees:

Respect and

Since our inception in 1990, the root of our success has come from valuing our differences. Whether in communities where we work or with the diverse partners we bring together, we honor and value what makes each of us unique.

Leveraging our Unique Vantage Point

Our work is global and so are our perspectives. We drive towards solutions for global challenges by valuing and leveraging the multitude of backgrounds and experiences at our organization. This enables us to address the unique and varied goals of our public, private, and social sector partners.

Learning and

We encourage our staff to seek out meaningful connections, learn from them, and apply this to their work. By being our authentic selves, we all play a part in creating a sense of community and belonging.

Practicing D&I in our Operations

We apply a D&I lens when procuring goods and services for our operational needs.

PYXERA Global regularly holds events and trainings to improve our knowledge of D&I issues and foster understanding between our staff.

Stories of Inclusion

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