Environmental Sustainability

at PYXERA Global

We operate sustainably and act inclusively.

Global challenges are exacerbated by the climate crisis. Increasing resource scarcity is threatening the livelihoods of communities and the long-term viability of economies around the world.
As a catalyst for systems change and a co-creator of tri-sector solutions, PYXERA Global strives to minimize negative environmental impacts across our operations and to apply a sustainability lens in all of our work.

PYXERA Global actively works to integrate environmental sustainability across all aspects of the organization.

To carry out this mission, three core tenets guide us and our employees:

Practicing environmental sustainability throughout our operations
  • Responsible waste management
  • LEED Gold-certified office building
  • Sustainable procurement*
  • Environment Working Group
  • Zero Plastic Waste Working Group
  • Integrate environmental sustainability elements into our GPB and ECD programs
  • Employee volunteer engagements (watershed river cleanups, urban gardening)
  • Employee sustainability awareness/education (clothing swaps, guest speakers, knowledge shares)
Designing impactful and environmentally sustainable programs and partnerships
Amplifying solutions and building awareness of environmental sustainability

*In development

Environmental Sustainability Stories

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