Rebuilding Recycling to Go Circular

After the coronavirus pandemic has passed, the world will need solutions to repair our economy in a way that protects both the planet and its people. The circular economy is a solution for our future health and wellness and recycling has a vital role to play.

How Technology Unlocks New Value from the Circular Economy

Ten years from now there will be no tolerance for waste in the value chain. Innovative technology can help companies lead the transition to an inclusive, circular economy faster and more efficiently. Many companies, such as Danone, H&M Group, and DS Smith are already leveraging these newer technologies to design waste and pollution out of their value chains while keeping products and materials in use to create positive economic, environmental, and societal impact. The recent COVID-19 crisis has only further exposed companies’ and countries’ risk of supply disruptions, leading to a ‘new normal’ where global supply chains with local execution is needed to boost resilience and reduce dependency by shortening and diversifying supply chains.

Finland’s Road Map to a Circular Economy

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As an independent think-and-do-tank, having seen and assessed emerging solutions since our inception, the impetus for Sitra was to share best practices and inspire organizations to contribute their own solutions and proactively engage in the circular economy.

Design for Circular Economy in Fashion

As you grow and change in your life, so do your garments. You update the jeans as your fit or style changes and trade in the broken for an upgrade or repair. This is the future of fashion and design for circular economy.

The Rise of ESG Indicators

A woman with an Attendee badge sits at a table at the Responsible Business Summit

The Responsible Business Summit, hosted by London-based Ethical Corporation, is among the most well attended events by leaders from all sectors, providing a space for strategic discussions on business’ role in addressing our most important systemic challenges.

The Reimagine Series

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COVID-19 exposed symptoms of our fracturing systems—and an opportunity to foster change. With the status quo challenged, a flurry of activity revealed a paradigm shift toward a better, equitable future. The Reimagine Series showcases the possibilities when business, government, and civil society work together towards a common goal.