Integrated Community Development

Promoting Local Ownership of Development Programs

PYXERA Global pioneers ways to bring together diverse groups and leverage their abilities, interests, and resources in order to generate shared value and benefits. We apply our decades of experience to joining the objectives of funders—corporate, government, or multilateral—with the self-expressed needs of a community.

Setting the Bar for Inclusive Development

The Joint Initiative for Village Advancement (JIVA) is an integrated community development program supported by the John Deere Foundation and implemented by PYXERA Global and local partners in three rural villages of Rajasthan, India.

Partner Benefits

We understand the partnerships required to achieve maximum impact for communities in emerging markets. We listen to, adapt and address the concerns and hopes of everyone at the table—workers, farmers, owners, politicians, service providers, manufacturers, investors, educators and developers.

Comprehensive Sustainability

Integrated community development, by definition, involves and respects the whole community. Attention to environmental impacts is essential, especially in rural communities that are so closely tied to the land. Development does not and should not always come at the expense of the natural environment. Integrated interventions must be sustainable and self-sufficient. Focus on community ownership of the program is the first step in delivering sustainability, but it is not the end. ICD projects begin with the end in mind, anticipating long-term governance by the local community from the start.

Health & Wellness

In many emerging market communities, basic health, whether it is maternal, nutritional, or hygiene-related, is the greatest impediment to improved livelihoods. Integrated community development enhances the health and wellness of the most underserved within a target community. Approaches that are informed by and respectful of local cultural norms are best-suited to deliver benefits in health and wellness that will pave the way for economic growth.

Community-Owned & Driven

PYXERA Global works diligently from the outset of interventions to connect with stakeholders in the community to get a reliable picture of the community’s dynamics, challenges, and opportunities. We don’t stop at engagement, and rather look to the community to drive program design and implementation. Ensuring local ownership of initiatives guides our unique integrated approach.


Through strategically focused efforts, ICD enhances education, one of the strongest drivers in improving livelihoods in emerging markets. Ensuring that education whether primary, secondary, or adult reaches all members of a community can unlock immense potential.


Ensuring residents who are marginalized due to language, gender, religion, caste, or age are able to benefit from interventions can be the surest means of enhancing livelihoods and community productivity. PYXERA Global’s approach seeks to understand the causes of marginalization, to determine the benefits associated with empowering these subsets of the population, and most critically, to identify solutions that will not directly confront long-established cultural norms.


Long-term upkeep and maintenance is essential–schools without teachers, water wells that can’t be maintained, and toilets without proper sanitation solutions all represent broken promises. Integrated approaches reinforce infrastructure, not for its own sake, but to ensure the resources needed to facilitate sustainable approaches to community development are in place.

Community Cohesion

Development often brings unintended consequences that can disrupt traditions and customs. Our integrated approach seeks to enhance the positive dynamics that long-standing traditions can foster, while evolving away from some of the restrictions that traditions sometimes impose. PYXERA works within a given cultural context to enhance the ability of individuals to thrive.

Market Information & Access

Facilitating community access to markets for goods produced, can transform the way people view their relevance and role in a community. PYXERA Global uses simple tactics to improve access to market information, such as demand and price information for an agricultural commodity, to transform the productivity of farmers enabling them to secure a higher price for their goods.

The Path to Integrated Community Development

Promoting local ownership of development programs is always the primary aim of PYXERA Global integrated community development engagements. We know when to give way to build consensus, when to push for ways to bridge gaps, and when to lead the way to move the program out of design and into operation.

Participatory Needs Assessment

PYXERA Global provides a suite of services in Integrated Community Development that draw together a diverse range of institutions to achieve sustainable development outcomes by enhancing the inherent capabilities of local communities. A participatory needs assessment is the first step. It engages all community stakeholders to identify gaps in capabilities, and possible solutions to bridge those gaps.

Stakeholder Engagement

Through robust Stakeholder Engagement, we ensure the whole community of beneficiaries and investors works collaboratively from the start. Together, we work to provide a diverse range of solutions that can address the needs of the local community. PYXERA Global develops innovative project management plans and key performance indicators in collaboration with the project stakeholders. We consistently track our performance by using project specific evaluation and assessment tools and ensure immediate response to obstacles that hinder the progress and smooth implementation of the project activities.

Training & Technical Assistance

Targeted community trainings are designed to enhance the ability of key stakeholders to more effectively guide the process of integrated community development within their communities.

Access to Markets, Technology, & Finance

PYXERA Global facilitates enhanced Access to Markets, Access to Technology, and Access to Finance, for emerging enterprises, agricultural institutions and distributors, and other local organizations engaged in an Integrated Community Development project. Access to finance often involves the distribution of micro-grants on behalf of the grantor or investor. Access to technology covers a wide range of activities, from the creation of community databases, to the delivery of rudimentary hand plows or simple water pumps that increase the productivity, of local farmers on an exponential scale. Access to markets typically involves the formation of partnerships and cooperatives among suppliers and distributors to enhance local supply chains.

Monitoring & Evaluation

PYXERA Global uses effective  and innovative approaches to M&E that ensure investments are delivering measurable outcomes. To do so, we create dynamic, tailored assessment tools to measure the impact that matters most to the project community hosts and funders, alike.

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