JIVA Spotlight: Chanda Kumawat, Family Farming

Chanda Kumawat is a 43-year old female farmer living in Morra Village with her husband, Badrilal Kumawat, and three children. She owns 1.75 ha of land, of which 0.5 ha is located in a different village with poor soil quality. Chanda has traditionally been the sole family member responsible for the planting, cultivation, and harvesting of her household’s agricultural plots, as her children were pursuing other career paths and/or academic degrees.

JIVA Spotlight: Kishan Aheer, Farming for Resiliency

Kishan’s Story Kishan is a 45-year old farmer with twelve years of schooling. He lives in Madara with his wife and two sons and exemplifies JIVA’s innovative approach and emphasis on empowering local community members. Kishan owns 10 bighas (1.7 ha) of irrigated land, which he cultivates with his wife to support their family. He […]

The Reimagine Series

A lightbulb

COVID-19 exposed symptoms of our fracturing systems—and an opportunity to foster change. With the status quo challenged, a flurry of activity revealed a paradigm shift toward a better, equitable future. The Reimagine Series showcases the possibilities when business, government, and civil society work together towards a common goal.